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Predicitng the future isn't magic,it's ai

Hello, we’re CodeChef-VIT, now get ready as an amazing workshop on Artificial Intelligence is on your way. In this workshop you will get to experience what you have always wanted to but never got the chance.

But I’m not a computer science nerd.

As long as you are creative and like to solve problems you’ll be perfect. We’re going to teach you practical AI skills so if you don’t know how to code that isn’t a problem.

What will I learn to do in the workshop?

You will think of a problem you’d like to solve – and how you could design an AI solution. Then using code libraries you’ll create it and once you’re done, it’s yours to take home with you

Will I be working on my own?

No, you will be working under our tech mentors, which will not be awkward – promise. Working in a group allows you to learn from each other and plan your project strategically. As you would in a real-world situation.

Will I be able to use these skills in a job?

Most definitely! While learning to code is valuable, we teach you more practical AI skills. Skills that are not just important for a career in tech – but are applicable to all businesses today.


Python and Stats

Kickstart your learning of Python for machine learning, with an introduction to Python, as there has never been greater demand for professionals with the ability to apply Python fundamentals to drive business solutions across industries

Basics of AI

Understand the definition of AI, its applications and use cases, and explain terms like machine learning, deep learning, and neural networks and learn to set up a machine learning problem with a neural network mindset

Time Series Analysis(RNN)

Having explored time series and some of the common attributes of time series such as trend and seasonality, and then having used statistical methods for projection, we will now begin to teach neural networks to recognize and predict on time series!

Natural Language Processing(NLP)

As AI continues to expand, so will the demand for professionals skilled at building models that analyze speech and language, uncover contextual patterns, and produce insights from text and audio

Recommender Systems

When you buy a product online, most websites automatically recommend other products that you may like. Recommender systems look at patterns of activities between different users and different products to produce these recommendations

Real World Projects

Every concepts learned are not useful if not implemented. We would be building real world projects for every topic we cover during the workshop so as to improve our skills to solve real world probems related to AI.


It seems probable that once the machine thinking method had started, it would not take long to outstrip our feeble powers… They would be able to converse with each other to sharpen their wits. At some stage, therefore, we should have to expect the machines to take control Alan Turing
By far, the greatest danger of Artificial Intelligence is that people conclude too early that they understand it Eliezer Yudkowsky
Nobody phrases it this way, but I think that artificial intelligence is almost a humanities discipline. It's really an attempt to understand human intelligence and human cognition. Sebastian Thrun